Monday, October 15, 2018

When ?

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When will we be at Grandma's house?

When will you be home?

When will we get the test results?

When will Jesus come back for His people?

We are not patient people. 
We want to know the answers to our questions, and we want to know them now. As we mature in our walk with Christ, hopefully we will come to understand that God's ways and His timing are not like ours.

Yes, I know it can be trying to wait for big answers. God knows that too. He also knows that in the waiting, we can learn a deeper level of trust. We can learn that when we walk the path with Him that there is a deeper level of peace. We can also learn how to be others-focused during the waiting.

So whatever you are waiting for, stop asking when? and start asking God what He wants you to be doing while you wait. There is an amazing journey to be had with Jesus, but we will only realize the depth and breadth of that journey when we learn that the When? is not the important question. The important question is with whom? 

The Who to journey with is always Jesus!

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