Saturday, October 27, 2018


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There is nothing common about our ordinary lives. While we might call the things that happen common, life itself is not common. Life itself is a gift to be cherished.

Too often I see people running towards the highlight reel of their lives and missing the miracles in the everyday occurrences. I have been one of those people too often. The work that it takes to keep moving forward, especially when you have small children, can fool us into thinking that unless a goal is met the day is wasted. 

The only day that is wasted in our lives is the one where we forgot to stop, see God at work, and thank Him for His blessing. Those are the days that you and I have wasted. Let us not waste any more of them!

When we choose to see the extraordinary way that God works in our ordinary, common, lives, then we see miracles - from a person's first breath until their very last breath. Do you see a toddler learning how to walk? A miracle. Can you stop and feel your heart beating? A miracle. Can you see that young adult drive a car? Definitely a miracle there folks! Do you see those laugh lines come out around the corners of your Grandma's eyes? That is a miracle - because she has lived a life with a deep story, whether you know it or not, it is a story that knows joy and heartache, but in this moment, with you - she choses joy, and the laugh lines appear.

Do not call the moments that God provides common - call them an extraordinary blessing!

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