Friday, October 12, 2018


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Today and tomorrow I will be spending time at the Breathe Christian Writers Conference in Grand Rapids, MI. Why am I coming back for another visit? Because last year I was encouraged, challenged, and refreshed in my life and my writing at this conference.

We all need to take times to breathe in our lives. For moms especially, it can be hard to set parameters of when those down times can occur. I have always tried to take a few minutes each day and spend time with God, reading my Bible, and praying, but there have been many days where my communication time with God was limited to Jesus- help me! That is a valid prayer, and one I have prayed many times, but I also know that I need to spend time digging deeper into my relationship with God.

This Breathe conference challenges me to make more time for God, and then share what He does in my life. Some of us share stories, some share poetry, some create works of art... but we were all made by The Creator and have been given a job to do - to share the love and comfort of Christ with the world around us. Taking a weekend and focusing on the craft of writing words that matter keeps me moving forward on this journey. If you're there this weekend - come find me!

Later I'll tell you about the specifics of this year's conference, but for now, would you pray that I would listen well this weekend? Thanks!

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