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Books With Bean ~ Yellow Submarine - graphic novel

Book reviews by teens, movie to book adaptations, book reviews

Title: Yellow Submarine 

Author: Bill Morrison

Published: 2018

Genre: Adaptation, graphic novel

Summary: When the Blue Meanies attack Pepperland  destroying all the color and music and most importantly Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band the most famous band in the land young Fred finds himself given the task of finding someone to help him restore the land to the way it was before. Traveling in a yellow submarine he makes his way to Liverpool where the finds the Beatles. John, Paul, George and Ringo decide to help the man but unfortunately getting to Pepperland isn't as easy as it sounds. They will have to travel through many dangerous seas before reaching the sea of green outside of Pepperland and it is not a task for the faint of hart.

What I liked about it: The graphic novel is based off of the animated movie of the same name and I was excited for it to come out because I first watched the movie several years ago and loved it. The Beatles and the characters they meet are fun and the book having been adapted right from the movie makes it fun and full of color. The only down side to the graphic novel is that there is no music but if you want to pause at points where there is music in the movie and listen to the song it is easy to fine the songs online. 

Language: None

Romance: None

Violence: There is fighting between the Blue Meanies and the people of Pepperland, but it a funny oldy-timey cartoon sort of fight and never anything graphic. 

Magic: Well now you don’t have adventures in a place like Pepperland in the real world. The magic of Pepperland is a magic of love, joy, happiness and music and while it not talked of how it came to be its not evil by any means.

Recommended Age: This is the hard part. With its fun colors and not overly complicated plot I don’t think there is anything preventing someone younger (say 10-11) from reading it however there are a lot of puns and plays on words that I don’t think kids will get until they are a little older (closer to 13-14)

Book reviews by teens, movie to book adaptations, book reviews

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