Tuesday, October 9, 2018


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What inspires you? Is it a sunset, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, seeing a child skip through the yard? There can be so many things that offer inspiration. Last week Arlene said to me: "Look Mom, the sky looks like one of those inspirational posters!"

What inspires you to do something for your fellow man? Are you naturally altruistic, or is it God at work in your heart? I think the real answer is God. While we can gain pleasure from doing something kind for another person, the only way to continue to love others day in and day out and do good to them is to work in the strength that God provides. 

Without God's help my well of kindness runs dry. Without Jesus as my example, I might not choose to love the unlovable, I might not choose to love the rude person or the loud person. I might choose instead to close in on myself and worry about my self-preservation instead of thinking about how much that other person needs the redeeming love of Jesus in their life.

I can choose to love others, and to be an inspiring force in the world because Jesus loved me first. May someone offer you kindness today, and may that inspire you to do the same for others!

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