Saturday, October 6, 2018


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Where do you belong?

Do you belong to a family, a church, a social club? 

More importantly, to Whom do you belong?

I used to want so badly to have lots of close friends. I saw other people who seemed to have no problem making the keeping of those friends? That one was harder for them! For most of my life I have only had one or two close friends at a time. How do other people find the time to invest in having multiple close friends? I just did not know. 

What I do know is that if you are looking to belong somewhere, the best place to belong is to belong to Jesus!
Once I gave up trying to find friends on my own and focused on belonging to Jesus - on being a child of God - of reading His word and spending daily time in prayer, then I found friends. 

Was it my skewed viewpoint of where to look for friends, or my misplaced desire that changed? I'm not sure what exactly changed, but it DID change. Now I have friends - several of them. I also have a lot of acquaintances that I like to spend time with, and that makes it even more fun. 

If you are struggling with finding a place to belong, stop. Just turn to Jesus and find the BEST place to belong - in the family of God!

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