Sunday, October 28, 2018


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To me, words are like photographs, they capture a moment in time, or a memory that you don't want to forget. Words tell a story. The old saying is: a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes that is true, but other times it isn't.

Words capture the emotions and feeling behind an event. While pictures often do that, pictures do not give you the benefit of self-reflection later on. While I'm not a huge fan of journaling, I do write down my thoughts, often, here on my blog. Yes, they are edited (somewhat), but they try to convey the feelings, the emotions, and the living that is happening. 

I almost always use my own photos on here (the rest of them are Arlene's) because I want to record, to capture, the picture - the visual reminder- as well as the words that flesh out the story. The words that capture my memories and turn them into something I can share, something that I hope will both encourage and challenge my readers to think about their own lives, their own stories, and how they are living them.

You can live your story wildly, loudly, extravagantly, quietly, meekly, timidly, here or abroad. You can live your story alone or with friends. However you live out your own story, I hope you will both write words, and take photographs. Then, in those moments of self-reflection, you can remember so much more about how your life was lived, for Whom it was lived, and who you had along on your journey.

For me, that journey is lived for Jesus, it is lived with my family and friends, and it is lived joyfully.

Go, capture your memories and share your story!

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