Tuesday, October 30, 2018


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One of my favorite things to do outdoors is sit and listen to the birds singing in the trees. Tweet, chirp, chip, cluck, tweet, trill... and on and on it goes. Since my husband really likes to go birdwatching, I get a lot of opportunities to listen to the birds sing.

But what about afterwards. What song should I sing, or at least listen to? That depends on my mood.

There is one set of songs that I've gone back to listen to over and over again. These are the songs from the movie Godspell. Something about the stories they tell draws me in. They draw from the Gospel story (mostly based upon the Gospel written by Matthew) and bring them into modern day ... or at least up to the early 1970's when they were written.

If you've never listened to the songs from Godspell, I encourage you to give it a listen. They just might get you singing again. It's not birdsong, but it's good!

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