Tuesday, October 2, 2018


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Today's word is: afraid

I have spent far too much of my life being afraid of something. Afraid of drowning, afraid of being alone, afraid of what other people thought of me. It is a natural thing to fear, but it is not something we need to do. It seems unnatural to think we would pass up the opportunity to lay our fears to rest, but too often we do just that. I am so thankful that God has shown me a better way to live!

Love is what casts out fear - the perfect love found in Jesus Christ. When we read those words in the Bible our heads understand the idea of casting our fears upon God, but our hearts have a harder time figuring out how to do that. 

Here is what I have found: let go of your life. It might come crashing down around you, but in that place of feeling hopeless and helpless you will finally realize what that peace that passes all understanding is: it is trust - trust in a God who controls the universe, who provides us with every breath that we breathe, and who has prepared an eternity with himself for us. That is the peace that comes from perfect love - and it truly does cast out all fear!

You will still have days that you stumble, but God is right there reminding us of His grace and mercy, and His perfect love. So stop being afraid - trust the ONLY ONE who can truly provide, and be overcome with a soul-settling peace.

While you sit and wonder and ponder if you truly can live a life without fear, watch this video from Zach Williams - it just might become your theme song for the month!

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