Saturday, January 21, 2017

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Scripture Writing, 2 Timothy 3:16-17

All Scripture is profitable. 

Whether or not we fully understand something God is teaching us through His Word is not what makes it profitable or not. God knows we are works in progress. His Word does not return void, so all of Scripture is profitable to us as Christians.  We need simply to believe what He says, and trust that in His timing He will reveal to us all that it means.

To those who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, the words in the Bible are just words. To those of us in Christ, the Bible is a love letter.  It tells us about how much God loves us. It warns us what not to do, and tells us what to do - Worship Him with our praise! Our lives are to be one continual song of praise to God. 

God knows that even though we are forgiven, we are not yet perfect and we will still stumble. That is where the reproof and correction parts come in. He uses His Word to point out our sins and lead us back to him. He begins gently, but when we are heard-headed and resist His correction, He will bring us to the very ends of ourselves to show us our great need for Him!  Learn to listen to His Word as you read and study your Bible, a gentle reproof is much easier to handle than a strong correction.

May you find God's instructions to you each day as your read the Scriptures. 

May He thoroughly equip you for every good work!

Friday, January 20, 2017


This week's Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: refine


Refine, Five Minute Friday writing prompt


To make pure, to clean, to test for purity by fire.

As Christians a lot of our lives are spent in God's refining fire. That is a good thing! While it does not always feel pleasant at the time... frankly we sometimes feel hurt by it, however, in fact, refining does not hurt us, but makes us more like Christ.

How can I say with confidence  that God's refining fire does not harm us? Because it only burns away the dross...the impurities in our hearts and lives. God is making us more like Christ, and He promises in His Word that no one can snatch us out of His hands! Remember the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from Daniel 3?

Refining is not easy, but oh ... so necessary. If God had not refined me, I would never have been ready to have teenagers. If God had not refined me, I would only react to their emotions with my own, and not with God's compassion and mercy. If God had not refined me, I could not be the wife that my husband needs. 

I want God to continue to refine me, because I know there is still dross in my heart that needs to be removed. If you have ever been around a smelting pot, or a refining furnace, you will know that it is hot, and uncomfortable. Yet, what emerges is pure, precious, worth cherishing.

When I heard today' word was refine, this song immediately came to mind:

Refiner's fire 
my heart's one desire 
is to be
set apart for You Lord.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Blogging the Alphabet: Blessings ~ A

Working and Homeschooling, blogging through the alphabet, A

There have been so many times and so many ways God has blessed us and shown His faithfulness to our family as we have educated our girls at home while both of us were working.

I could come up with several things to use for the letter A, but as I sit here typing, one blessing stands out the most: our library, the Anderson Public Library. What a gem it has been over the past 13 years!

I am sitting here at the library typing this post on a Saturday afternoon while Arlene is upstairs in the monthly meeting of the Teen Advisory Council for the library. How did that tiny little redhead grow up from the girl who chewed on the "Teeth" book into a smart, well-spoken lady who was asked to join in on the planning of activities for the teen department? One day at a time!

Our library is housed in what was originally a Sears department store. For a city of about 60,000 people, it is really large and well stocked. The librarians and other staff do such a wonderful job of making it a place where everyone is welcome, and all patrons can find the help they need. 

I am currently sitting in the Indiana Room, which is a special Reference room on the second floor that houses both historic and unique books and artifacts from Indiana history. There are some books in here that you cannot readily find elsewhere except in College Repositories or at the State Library. There is a display case near the entrance to the Indiana Room that houses changing exhibits about Indiana or Madison County history. Right now it is filled with lovely cut-glass bowls, pitchers, and other sparkly items. They remind me of the butter dish I inherited form my Maternal Grandmother.

blogging through the alphabet, A, Homeschool blessings

Across the landing from me is the Children's department. Both of our girls grew up as this area being their destination of choice for weekly outings! Librarians who love children, a huge selection of both newer and classic children's books, and a plethora of special events in the adjoining Activities Room have made a lifetime of memories. When the girls were little we would come every week. EVERY WEEK! If something happened and we missed a week, one or more of the librarians would ask the girls if someone had been sick, or if we had been on another adventure!

On the other side of our library are stacks and stacks of books! Magazines, DVD's audio books, so many great resources, whether you homeschool or not!

Upstairs are meeting rooms, the Model Railroad, Fire Safety House, and Arlene's favorite stop: the Friends of the Library Book Sale room! Down on the main floor are computer labs, a teen room, reference librarians and their books, the audiobooks, dvd's, magazines, CD's, and more stacks of books. So much awesome stuff! A long time ago there was a widget that would let you figure out how valuable your library was to your household. You entered how many books, movies, etc. you check out each month, and it figured the retail value as if you had gone to the store. I kid you not, our family's monthly value was over $900! That is when I told the Library Director that I considered our property taxes to be the cost of our library cards, with the Police and Fire Departments thrown in for free.

We are working parents. There is no way we could have afforded to purchase anywhere near that many books or documentaries for our children to use, not to mention we would have run out of bookshelf space long ago!

This week's blessing of our working and homeschooling adventure is: The Anderson Public Library!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Working and Homeschooling ~ Blogging Through the Alphabet: Blessings

Blogging through the alphabet, homeschool blessings, working and homeschooling

Many of you have realized it has been a long time since the last post in our Working and Homeschooling series. Thanks to some encouragement, or perhaps a challenge, from my friend Annette over at A Net in Time, you are about to see it revived, and filled with LOTS of new posts!

Introducing our newest set of posts in the series:

Working and Homeschooling ~ Blogging Through the Alphabet: Blessings

I'm sure you've probably seen some similar group writings before, blogging through the alphabet is not new. The host or hosts let everyone know when they are starting, and if there will be a particular theme, perhaps foods, flowers, favorite destinations, and then every week the participants write a short post about the topic that corresponds with that week's letter.

The co-hosts this time are Annette and Amanda and they've let us choose any family friendly topic as long as it matches the letter of the week. This round begins on Monday, with A, and will go until we are out of letters. Some of us are choosing a theme, others are just writing on whatever topic comes to mind for the letter. Because it has been too long since I wrote in the Working and Homeschooling series, I have decided to challenge myself to find 26 blessings that we have been granted while homeschooling, and working. 

Some posts may be short, others fairly long. I still have a few topics left on my note sheet from the original weeks of the Working and Homeschooling series. My goal is that each week I will be reminded about God's faithfulness to bless us in our efforts to homeschool, even though both Kurt and I work outside of the home. Now that we only have one left in High School,  a lot of this may be retrospection, and yet, I hope it will encourage you wherever you are in your home education journey!

Once each letter is posted on this blog (hopefully on Mondays, but some might be Tuesdays) I will come back to this post and link them. That way if you miss a week, you'll be able to more easily find them! All of us will be linking each week's posts with both Annette's and Amanda's blogs, where you can see everyone that is participating that week.

I hope you'll come back every week and find that the ways God has blessed us can be a blessing to you as well!

Blogging Through the Alphabet: Blessings


























Come join the fun! If you are looking for our posts on Social Media, the whole group will be using: #abcblogging

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