Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday sales

Lots, and I mean LOTS of people are out Black Friday shopping. I think we're going to the grocery store later, but I'll pass on the mayhem of the retail stores.

If you're looking for nice, meaningful gifts, maybe you want to look over some of the companies we've done reviews for this year. Some of them are having Black Friday sales. 

Here are a some of our favorite review companies:

HomeSchool Piano Review  - If you're wanting to see their sales, go to

Lilla Rose Review - Check out my friend Meg's website for the great Black Friday deals 

iWitness Books Review  - Apologia is almost always good bet, their Nativity Shop is open with specials

IEW Fix-It Review - Institute for Excellence in Writing is taking the weekend off, their Clearance sale starts Monday

Happy Browsing!

Romans 6:11

Romans 6:11, alive in Christ

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving and a Salad

Thanksgiving dinner, salads, dietary restrictions, guests

In all your plans for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I'm sure you've put a lot of thought into what to serve for dinner. Some of you probably even planned your summer garden around the holidays, being sure to have lots of cucumbers to pickle, or squash to bake. Are you having a salad too? There are so many seasonal favorites that our families come to expect: turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, pumpkin pie. . . you get the idea. I'm asking if you've thought about a salad because I know A LOT of you are having guests. 

Salads are good for a lot of people. Besides the usual use of keeping you from overeating fats, and keeping your digestive tract moving, salads are a lifesaver. In a day when it's hard to keep track of everybody's dietary choices and restrictions, salads are a great bet. If your cousin brings his girlfriend and she's a vegetarian - no problem, have a salad. If your niece just got put on a gluten-free diet- salad is a safe option. If your newest neighbors are of Jewish decent, salads can be a great go-to.

Here's how to make a great salad. Wash the lettuce and put it in a bowl. That's almost it. Now, because some people might be allergic to nuts, or pork, or gluten . . . put all the toppings in small bowls on the side, each with its own spoon, and place the dressings nearby. Let your guests decide what to add (if anything) to their salads. Some suggestions: sliced boiled eggs, raisins or chopped grapes, sunflower seeds, croutons, shredded cheese, tomatoes. . . the list could go on and on. Some guests may want to put their turkey in their salad, others just want a safe food to eat while they're trying to learn everybody's names. Make their day a little brighter, serve a salad!

What? You say you have extra salad left over? That's ok, after a day of being thankful for food, you'll probably want to eat it yourself on Friday!

Have a great Thanksgiving - and don't forget the salad!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Keep Calm

Emily and Arlene are starting a new weekly feature here on the blog. It is debuting this Sunday @3:27 p.m. Sign up to follow us by email, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest so you won't miss a single one! It's going to be so much fun!

Deuteronomy 8

Deuteronomy 8, encouragement

These word, spoken as a promise to the Israelites, can bring encouragement still today. It is the Lord our God who gives us all things. I will continually bless Him for the good land and full life He has given us!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lilla Rose - Flexi Mini Princess Tiara - A Review

*Affiliate link in this post, see full disclosure below

I've been reviewing a Mini Princess Tiara Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose. It has been fabulous! I have worn this Flexi in my hair for anywhere from five to 16 hours and it has held on tight. My hair is fine, and straight. Most hair accessories fall out or slide down early in the day. I was amazed the first time I put the Flexi to the test for a long day. I put it in at 4:30 in the morning, drove two hours to a conference, spent all day, then drove home for a 4-H awards ceremony that evening. When I got home at 8:30 at night it was still holding strong. 

I have found that with my fine hair, the best option is to put the Flexi Clip in when my hair is either wet or at least still slightly damp as I can get it just where I want, and treat any flyaway hairs right away. I can still put it up easily when its dry, but its always harder to contain my straight hair flyaways once they dry. My hair just ends up with the shabby chic look when I put it up dry. This Flexi Clip is elegant, without being ostentatious. It dresses up my hair, and makes an everyday look classier. There are SO many Flexi Clip designs to choose from. There are over 60 designs to choose from just in the Flexi Mini size! They come in silver-tone, gold-tone, copper, brass, with jewels in a variety of colors, with specialty designs like: musical staff, flowers, or a cross. Your hardest decision might be just choosing a style! Many of the styles are available in various sizes, so you can decide if you want a signature style in multiple sizes, or to pick a different design for each size.

I was familiar with Lilla Rose before this review, because each of our girls have a Flexi. Both of our teenaged girls have a lot more hair than I do, and Arlene's is super thick and wavy. I knew both of their Flexi Clips were entirely too big for my hair. Lilla Rose offers six different types of hair accessories. You can choose the original Flexi Hair Clip, Flexi Oh!, Bobby Pins, Hair Sticks, Hair Bands, and the newest - You Pins. Want to see all the options for hair? There really is something for almost every length and hairstyle. 

Lilla Rose also offers badge clips. For an overview of all their great products, click here. The headbands intrigue me because they too are sized just for you ... with an adjustable comfort band. Many all-around headbands are too tight for my fine hair and fall out. So with it's adjustable band, I'd like to put one of these to the test too!

To choose a Flexi Clip, you need to figure out which of the seven sizes you want for your amount of hair. Truthfully, you're going to want at least two sizes. A smaller one for only putting up part of your hair, and a larger one for putting it all in a ponytail. If you're someone who loves updos, you'll want to get a third one for holding all of your hair in the up and down or French twist styles. See the sizing video here. Watching the video will help you gauge your hair type, texture, length, and favorite styles. I appreciate the Hair Styles tab that helped me think of something new to do with my Flexi in my hair. This page shows you eight different styles and has a video for each. When you watch the videos, you understand how your hair will need different sizes, and can compare your hair to that of the various models for the best fit. 

Many of the Flexi Clips can be easily used by both right and left-handed wearers alike. Some of the designs have dangles that would look weird if you flipped them around. . . keep that in mind of you're a lefty who has a difficult time doing things with your right hand.

The important point is to not overestimate how much hair you have. I knew I needed a Mini Flexi because it's hat season. I'm not likely to want to do a ponytail or an up and down anytime soon. I want to be able to use my Flexi everyday, and this size is perfect for a half-up or a half-twist. I'll look at getting a small for next Spring because I'll want to get all my hair up off my neck. For now, I love the staying power of this Flexi Clip, it even puts up with me wearing a hat everyday. As long as I'm gentle, and not acting like a clown, the Flexi stays in place through a whole day's worth of running in and out of the stores on errands.

Lilla Rose's Flexi Clips have this ingenious design that keeps you from losing the bar. This is such a wonderful design, functional and beautiful. No lost parts, and sturdy. For all the sizes larger than a Mini, the size is marked on the bar, making it easy to spot the correct size in your drawer or basket.

This Princess Tiara Flexi Clip exceeded my expectations. The way that it flexes around your hair makes it highly adaptable. If you look closely in the pictures, you can see that each size clip can be adjusted to three micro-sizes by which dent you slide the bar through to. Just make sure you're running the bar along your scalp to get a good initial hold. Since you're probably wanting to get a Flexi or two for yourself, or as a gift, I decided to have a Lilla Rose party to make it easy for you. If you have any questions, you can contact my Lilla Rose consultant Meg through the link at the top of this page. The party continues through December 1, 2014, so do your shopping from the comfort of home this week and skip the Black Friday weekend crowds!

* I received a Mini Flexi Clip in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations. 

*I chose to host a party with Lilla Rose. If you purchase any items through my party link, I may qualify for additional items for free. Thanks!