Monday, October 28, 2019


31 days of five minute free writes, emotional health

If a test was offered to measure how emotionally healthy you are, would you take it?

What if that test brought to light things you'd been trying to hide? What if it showed you were the one with the problem and not someone else? Would you still be willing to take the test?

Let's be honest with ourselves and think about life as a daily test of our emotional health, and thus, how deeply we can delve in our walk with Christ. If our emotional health is a wreck, we cannot move forward as God wants us to. We have to fess up to our own mistakes, and then ask for help.

Maybe your life hasn't turned out how you imagined it... mine surely has not, and yet, when I came to the realization that I would not have that storybook ending, I became emotionally healthier. There are good and bad parts of marriage, of parenting, and of being a boss or an employee. When we admit that our lives, our crazy, messy, hopefully joy-filled lives, are not going to look like a movie from The Hallmark Channel then we can embrace where we are, and look to Jesus to help us move forward.

Life is more than the pictures you see on someone's social media pages, it is real, messy, and can be wonderful even in the midst of a storm. That's what happens when God takes the test for you!


  1. but don't you think Miss Carol...that you will, as a person of faith, have a storybook ending? You've already been saved, with the best prince in the world ever? Best king actually.

    As to the emotional health test... I don't know.... would any of us pass it? We all have our things that we'd rather not others see, and I can't see that as being all wrong either. I don't know.. this one churns my boat for some reason.

    1. Oh, I definitely know that my eternity will have a better than storybook ending, it's the here and now that has not shaped up anything like I imagined it would.

      I think we all fail the test of emotional health in one way or another, but the goal is to be honest about our failures and allow God to heal them. That has been my goal along this part of my journey. My hope is that those who have read these short posts this month will be challenged to greater honesty and the healing that can come from it.