Tuesday, October 15, 2019


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Oh, I don't think I want to open up my heart and look at my emotional health - it might be too scary! That was my first thought, and then I had a second one - what if I could find a way to be comfortable being myself again? That would be worth the scariness right?

Learning to open up can be a really hard part of the journey to better emotional health. In a country filled with churches, but also filled with broken people, we wonder what went wrong, or what is wrong with us that we are one of those broken people. As we learn to open up that Pandora's box of our emotions and share in a safe situation, we are reminded that the church is suppose dot be a place of healing for the sick, not a showplace of perfect people. How refreshing it was to be reminded that no one here is perfect, and that others sometimes have the same struggle I was going through - am still going through.

If you do not have a place where you can honestly share your life and emotions, then you NEED to find one. If the church you attend is not encouraging compassion and generosity, then maybe its time to look for a new church. We need to be real and honest, with others, ourselves, and especially God. It can be difficult to open the door and let ourselves spill out, but oh! the freedom found in an honest conversation about our daily struggles amongst friends.

Find your friends, and be genuine with them.

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