Sunday, October 6, 2019


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What do you notice when a group of people gathers? Are you a people watcher, a clothes evaluator, or an emotional thermometer? Sometime you might be all three. 

If you look around a room and tune into the emotional undercurrents, you can learn a lot about others and yourself. Unfortunately, too often we are distracted by our phones, our schedules, and deadlines at work to notice the people who are around us.

Have you heard this before?
Be kind to everyone, you never know what struggle someone is going through.

Why do we not know about the struggles of others? Maybe because we have a hard time being honest with ourselves about our own struggles. If we admit that our friend or co-worker is struggling, then they might find out that we are struggling too.

If we stop and admit to ourselves how gratifying it is to have someone simply sit and listen to us as we talk about what is on our mind, then hopefully that can spur us on to notice the other people around us who need a listening ear. We can give that same help to others, we can be the one who notices them. We can be the one who offers to listen, to pray, and to hold a confidence.

It takes courage to step outside of our own little bubble and notice what others are going through - but oh, the benefits are worth it - for both of us!

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