Wednesday, October 2, 2019


31 days of October, five minute free writes

Life is a precious gift.

We are multi-faceted people and need care and nourishment.There are two ways that we undermine out own lives and emotional health. One way is when we purposefully sin and do something wrong - with our physical bodies this might be repeatedly eating something we know will make us ill - like too much dairy for a lactose intolerant person. The other way we damage ourselves is when we sin and don't do something positive that we know we should be doing - like eating fruits and vegetables every day.

Either of these scenarios can damage our physical health. We often do similar things that sabotage our emotional health. Have you ever chosen to go along with the crowd because you wanted to be the cool kid, or the cool mom, yet, inwardly you cringed at the poor choices being made around you? Or maybe you stayed at a job or volunteer position you disliked because you feared trying something new and possibly failing at it?

It's time to stop making choices based on fear! To treat life, and your emotional health, like the gifts they truly are, you will need to change both your thinking and your actions. The first step in this journey is admitting you need help and then asking God to send you that help!

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