Thursday, October 3, 2019


31 days of October, five minute free writes

I realized that I truly had a problem when I read this line "A person with nothing left to lose has just become the most powerful person in the world." I had been feeling like there was not much left to lose, and I wasn't sure what to do about it. But realizing if I let go of what I thought I had, I could maybe change something, or allow God to change something, so that my life would be more bearable.

I had felt like life was lipping away from me, and the plans I had were not moving as I had envisioned them. There had been two hard years filled with pain and death - both friends and family.  Add in the changes that came with graduating our youngest daughter from high school and my emotional state had become overwhelming. I needed a change! I was no longer content to drift around in an emotional fog and let the feelings of others dictate what I would or would not do.

I needed to admit that I had a problem and do something about it. When our pastor said we were going to be spending time reading Peter Scazzero's book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, and studying what Scripture says about emotions, I felt not just a nudge, but a definite push from the Holy Spirit to get out of my seat and go get the book. This was what I needed: a way to identify where me emotional health was out of whack, and practical advise, based upon God's Word, for step to take to become healthy again.

As I read each chapter, and listened to our pastors preach weekly from what Scripture says about emotions, things began to change. I began to change. Like most decisions that lead to lasting change, things got more difficult on the way to getting better.

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