Tuesday, October 8, 2019


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Along this road toward better emotional health I have found that I need to do the opposite of gather, I need to let go. In life we tend to gather things that we think will be helpful, like when you gather up the towels, cleaning bucket and spray bottles before you clean the bathroom. With emotional health it is more about sorting and letting go.

I've gathered enough in my life - books, clothes, pens...what I needed to realize was that sometimes I gathered material things because I was avoiding dealing with my emotions and the processing that needed to happen to let go of them.

As I have been walking this path, I have found a lot of anger, and am letting go. I have found disappointment - in myself and in others, and I am letting go. Each time I process through another emotion and decide if it stays or can now be let go I find greater freedom. 

In having less emotional baggage I find that I also need less stuff in my material life. I am decluttering my heart and my home. There is more room for the things that matter.

If you are the type to gather emotions and hold them inside please realize this - you are building a shaky wall, and eventually it will crumble. It is so much better to take time to sort through those tough emotions and let go of the ones that lead you away from peace.

Jesus knew we would have trouble here on earth, He warned his disciples about it, but He also offered peace. If you want that peace that He offers, you have to stop holding on so tightly to your past hurts and open your hands to accept the gift.

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