Friday, October 20, 2017


Christian living, 31 day writing challenge, five minute friday writing prompt

Discover might not be the first word we think of when talking about living life as a Christian. That might be a mistake. Can you think back to what you felt when you discovered that God loved you? When your faith first began to grow and you wished, hoped, that the Gospel story was true? The wonder you had when your faith was just as big as a mustard seed and you learned to trust that God did indeed love you, that He stood ready with open arms to forgive you and welcome you home? That the Gospel story of Jesus' death for our sins is indeed true and is available to everyone?!

As we discover new truths while reading our Bibles, as we find new friends with which to fellowship, may we remember that first glimpse of true hope in the One who loves us and died for us. May we be ready to discover the paths God has planned for us, may we greet with open arms each new day, knowing God is there right beside us. May we wonder anew at His goodness and mercy. And then, may we share that joy unspeakable with those around us who need it most!

Some discoveries in life can take a lifetime, some are quick to be found. Our discovery of God's great love and forgiveness occurs when we humble ourselves and understand our need of Him. Wherever you are on this journey of Christian living, may you discover anew God's great love for you each and every day.

Christian living, 31 day writing challenge


  1. How wonderful that God's mercies are new every morning and his promises are always true! May we always be mindful of all that he has done for and given to us. Thanks for sharing this truth.

  2. One of the things I love most about reading the bible is that I discover something new every time I open it up!

  3. Thanks for your post. I am definitely trying to discover his path for me. Best wishes!

  4. So thankful - and praising Him - for all those discoveries...the day He saved me, that my little mustard seed faith was capable of great things, and Scripture that is new every time I read it! This life as a Christian is indeed wonderful - that for sharing that truth!! Have a new discovery kind of a week:)