Saturday, October 28, 2017


Christian living, 31 day writing challenge, connect

God made us to be in relationships - to crave connection. He made us to be in a relationship with Him, and He designed us to want connections with other people - our family, our friends, even business partners and neighbors. 

The times when I feel I have not connected with another person well are usually those times when I was spending so much time listening to my internal dialogue in my head that I was NOT listening to the other person. I am praying that God is at work transforming that part of me. I want to connect with others - daily! I have had a wonderful month filled with so many great connecting points - two writing conferences, meeting online friends in person, spending time with family, and volunteering at a local museum. All great connections, all worth every minute I spent. I feel whole inside again instead of wrung out. I needed authentic connection with other writers to spur me on to continue in this writing life that God has called me to.

But most of all - I need my daily connection to God - through reading His Word, prayer, and worship. That is then connection that will never be severed, the one that is eternal. 

If you are feeling disconnected, take time to go read God's Word and pray. Then ask Him to open your ears to do the right kind of listening to the people around you so you can connect with them as well.

Have a lovely weekend!

Christian living, 31 day writing challenge

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