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Books With Bean ~ The Sisters Grimm

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Title: The Fairy Tale Detectives
The Sisters Grimm: Book 1

Author: Michael Buckley 

Published: October 2005

Genre: Children’s/fairytale/adventure 

Summery: Sabrina Grimm and her little sister Daphne have been moving around the foster care system since their parents disappeared, each of the places they go are crazier then the last and things don't seem to be about to get any better when their case worker says their new guardian is the girls grandmother. Sabrina laughs at the notion, after all, her parents told her many times that her grandparents were dead. Now however at least until they can escape again they are stuck with the woman even thought Sabrina in certain “Granny Relda” is crazy. 

After all the woman says that the characters from all the fairytales are real and most of them live in the town stuck there by a magic barrier that won't let them leave. Because the girls are the decedents of Jacob and William Grimm it is now their job to take up the family legacy and watch after the fairytale characters who now call themselves Everafters. Talk about a lot to take in when you didn’t even know you had any relations! It also doesn't help that the Everafters are stuck in town because of the Grimm family and so most of them hate anyone who is related to or associates with them.

Well Sabrina was banned from reading fairytales growing up so she doesn't know much about prices and fairies, but she does know that she has to keep her little sister safe and that means getting away from the “crazy” old lady. This sounds easy enough until Granny Relda is kidnaped by a giant. Suddenly her stories don’t seem so strange. Now the girls along with some of the fairytale characters they meet must work together to save granny Relda and take up their family legacy.

What I liked about it: The books are lots of fun, after all who wouldn't want to have their favorite fairytale characters living next door in real life? It is interesting to see how he changes the characters to fit in their new situation while still having them be the characters we all know and love. Some of the characters have a lot different jobs then you would think but others fit right in. After all what could be more natural then Sleeping Beauty owning a coffee shop? And Prince Charming as Mayor just make sense. The Ginger Bread witch as a dentist? Sign me up. However you learn right along with the girls that fairytale doesn't always mean happily ever after. These are real people with real personalities. They teach the girls important lessons while still having fun.

Language: The girls do tend to call each other names when they get mad at each other, but nothing more they baby or jerk

Romance: Well when you live in a town with Prince Charming the star of so many princess stories there is bound to be romance but it is dealt with  lightly and not gone into much detail. Sabrina does in the later books develop a love/hate relationship with one of the other characters but it is not too deep either. 

Violence: sword fights and things like that but nothing more the you would find in a regular fairytale.

Magic: Magic is just about everywhere in the town just as it is in most fairytales. Magic wands, carpets, shoes, and more, it is dealt with like in most fairytales as something that is just kind of there with no real explanation.

Recommended Age: Well Sabrina is 11 and Daphne is 7 in the first book and I would say 8 or 9 would be just the age to start reading these.

Books with bean, book reviews by teens

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