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Books with Bean ~ Deadly Disclosures: A Dinah Harris Mystery

Books With Bean, book reviews by teens, Dinah Harris Mysteries

Title: Deadly Disclosers: A Dinah Harris Mystery 

Author: Julie Cave

Published: 2010

Genre: Fiction/Christian/Suspense 

Summary: Dinah Harris is an FBI agent with a bad past and a low position in the work ladder because of her past mistakes and on top of that she is an alcoholic. However the recent disappearance of Thomas Whitfield, a high member of the Smithsonian gives her the chance to redeem herself. She and her partner Ferguson start the case trying to find if they can find out where Whitfield disappeared to, and why he disappeared.  When they find Whitfield dead they start to learn that his death is bigger then they thought, and that his religion had a big part to play in why he was gotten rid of. Dinah soon finds that the debate of does God exist is more important in the case than she thought. But before she can find the killer, she has to overcome her own problems and face her own past.

What I liked about it: As someone who doesn't read many suspense/legal thrillers, I found this to be really interesting. I will admit I was a little young when I first read this, but having read this book and the three following it, I will say they are really interesting. Ms. Cave takes serious issues like Creation vs Evolution, Eugenics and the value of human life, hatred for the Church and Domestic violence, and Racism and weaves them into her stories in a way that makes you understand why some people believe what they do, while still explaining why God’s grace covers all and all people are fallen and can be forgiven. Her villains are realistic and she does a good job of keeping you wondering who they are until the end of the book.

Language: Some but not that much.

Romance: Dinah is widowed, and it talks about how much she loved her husband and son but there is no romance.

Violence: This is definitely a murder mystery, it's not too graphic but it is definitely not for little kids. 

Magic: None

Recommended Age: Like I said above, I was kind of young when I started reading these, I would recommend them for 14 or 15 and up. Because of the more mature themes.

Books With Bean, book reviews by teens, Dinah Harris Mysteries

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