Thursday, October 12, 2017


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Often in his letters Paul said "I write this with my own hand." John also said he wrote things to remind the believers of their salvation and the hope that they had in Christ.

What does my hand write?

Am I writing things that lift others up? I hope so. Am I writing to remind others of the goodness of God? Yes, please. I spent last weekend at a writing conference. One of the points that the keynote speaker made that seemed to hit home with many of us was to take the time to write well. Not an easy task when we write for five minutes, but still, a goal to reach for. Better that I should take one minute and think about what I feel in my heart needs said, and only type for four minutes, than to type aimlessly for five minutes and hope you can understand it.

I still want to write. I still feel called to write. I want to take the time to write well. 
To be able to do this, sometimes I will not post as often, as some things need to be re-written before they are shared, and sometimes, I'll rely upon you all reading Arlene's writing instead. She usually has a Books With Bean column on Mondays. 

What do you write?

Christian living, 31 day writing challenge

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