Monday, October 16, 2017


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I really like to read. I do a lot of reading: books, both fiction and non-fiction, magazines, newspaper articles, blog posts, nutrition labels, ingredients lists. While I enjoy most of the reading I do in my daily life, the thing I most need to read is my Bible - daily. 

I prefer to read my print Bible, but I also have an app on my phone in case I have time to read when my Bible is not with me. Recently, one of our friends' ministries shared that people who read their Bibles four or more times in a week are more likely to believe and follow it, trust God, and have a solid Christian walk. 

If you have not been reading your Bible at least four days a week I want to challenge you to spend some time each day in God's Word. It is life-changing! While you have small children at home you may only get five minutes a day to read, and that is enough - if it is consistent. If your children are teens or older and you are not daily reading in God's Word you will struggle. Your family will suffer, because the world around us points to everything except Jesus. Only in those moments when your mind and heart are engaged in reading God's Word will you be pointed to Jesus and be reminded of His great redemptive work on the cross.

Read for work, read for fun, but always remember to read your Bible. It will bless your relationship with God beyond measure.

Christian living, 31 day writing challenge


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