Monday, January 22, 2018

Homeschool Day at the Capitol

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Today we are spending the day at our State Capitol building, and meeting with our Legislators. The freedom to homeschool is important to us. We feel compelled to ensure those freedoms are continued for the next generation.

If your state homeschool association hosts a homeschool day at your Capitol, we encourage you to go.  If they don't, then suggest one, and in the meantime, contact your state Representatives and Senators. It is important that both our local Legislators and our national ones know who we are, that we support the freedom to homeschool, and that we are not going anywhere.

Parents should always retain the right to choose how their own children are educated. For some families, that means public school, for others, private school, and for some, like us, home education.

Parents, let me encourage you to hug your children today, and realize what a great gift from God they truly are. 
Be involved in their education, wherever that happens.

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