Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Picture, My Story ~Dragonfly

Another look back at our memories through a picture

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Dragonflies are beautiful creatures, but they rarely stay still long enough of you to focus your eyes on them, much less your camera. This one had alighted on the thumb of our friend Kevin, a local botanist, while we were gathered to start a group canoe launch down our local river. 

Our river has been threatened for several years now by a group of people, mostly short-sighted locals, who think that building a reservoir would be the answer to all of our area's economic woes. We do not agree, and because there is such varied wildlife along the proposed stretch of river, our group had chosen this Spring day to do a group canoe trip down the river. We wanted to enjoy the day on the water, and to try to remind others of what would be lost forever if the reservoir was built.

Emily and Kurt were going to join the float, Arlene and I were going to be cheerleaders, and enjoy the time photographing the wildlife from shore. As we were waiting for everyone to finish getting ready this dragonfly stopped on Kevin's thumb. That did not surprise anyone, as Kevin is very attuned to the local nature, and always find the best critters when we take group hikes. Kevin is the type that can rattle off the Latin name of the dragonfly as easily as he can call Joe - well, Joe. It's just a part of who he is.

The canoe trip ended up being a wonderful day. Kurt and Emily learned some new teamwork, and Arlene and I surprised them about halfway through their trip when they reached our chill out spot - a sandbar in the river as it winds through the local state park. We saw a lot of wildlife - including a pileated woodpecker - while we waited for them. We also had a nice, quiet, relaxing day. 

I have a lot of pictures from that day: trees, birds, canoes, the river... and this dragonfly. This dragonfly photo stands as a reminder of all that we still have around us with our free-flowing river. It reminds me of the canoe trips we have taken down the river as a family. It reminds me that some things are worth fighting for. It also reminds me that God places beauty all round us - if we will only look for it.

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