Thursday, January 18, 2018 2018 Fresh Start sale reminder

I just wanted to pop in and remind you that the Fresh Start sale over at is still going on - but it ends at midnight on January 31st, so don't miss checking it out!

We like the flexibility to choose a course at random for something new and different when we get tired of our core subjects and want a change of pace. Did you know has 147 courses for High School? That is a lot of options! As a working and homeschooling mom, I don't always have time to go find something new in the vastness of options online, but I can find something on fairly easily.

Maybe though, you're just getting started with this homeschooling journey. There are 42 preschool classes to choose from. Does your preschooler need to be using this all the time - of course not. They need love, play, and for you to read to them. What comes next? has some solid ideas. You - the mom or dad - might like some great ideas, and some encouragement along the way. has a wide variety of choices for every age. They also have a great Literacy Center with graduated help - from pre-readers all the way through fluent readers.

If had been around when our girls were little, we would have used it. Even now, with our last one in high school we still use it. If your children are young - you are in prime spot to use well. Now, next year, and later in the future. The Fresh Start sale allows new members to join with an Ultimate Yearly membership for only $90. That's half off the regular price. Use the coupon code: NEWYEAR18 for the Yearly membership, or if, you're still not sure, check it out for a month for only $9.95 with the coupon code: MONTHNEWYEAR18.

Don't delay -go find something fun to do with your children on today!

Wondering what other great resources they have for parents? Checkout our review from earlier this month.

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