Friday, January 26, 2018


This post is a part of the Five Minute Friday community, and Kate's word prompt for the week: Surrender

Five minute Friday, surrender, life well lived

When the world thinks of the word surrender I imagine they often think of something like this picture. Going down in a blaze of glory, fighting tooth and nail to the last, and all the other clich├ęs we have heard about fights, battles, and the raising of the white flag. To them, surrender means the end: to lay down your weapons, to give in, and the end of hope.

To the Christian, the word surrender means something entirely different, and should be filled with hope. Surrendering to the will of God and living a life that honors and glorifies Him is the ultimate act of surrender. We lay down not weapons, but our pride, and acknowledge our need of Him. We continue in battle, not for ourselves, but for the souls of others. We battle the unseen forces of darkness through prayer. Our white flag that we raise is the sacrifice of Christ upon the cross, and our lives become filled with hope of a better life - not here - but the eternal one that awaits us.

For one of our friends that battle ended this week. He is seeing the face of God. He is witnessing the angels as they bow before the throne. John's life was one of surrender. He gave his life in service to others, first as a military man, and then as a friend. He was always one to bring joy to others, he was always ready to lend a hand to meet a need. His life was a testimony that surrender to God's plans is never a loss, but always a gain. His hope in Christ has been fulfilled. His battle is over. May we learn from examples like his that surrender to God's plan for our lives is the way to peace.

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  1. The comparisons of these surrenders were important to understand. Nice to meet you Carol.

  2. Yay...for knowing God before struggles end... to know that surrender has a good end result. It's not always so easy's that hope that makes it possible.