Thursday, January 25, 2018

Last week of the Fresh Start sale & get your print edition of The Old Schoolhouse magazine Winter edition!

With just one week left in the Fresh Start sale over at I wanted to give you a another peek into the vast resources that can be found with a Yearly Membership. Over 7000 families belong to and with good reason. There are a wealth of courses covering a broad range of subjects that truly do make it a one-stop shop for your homeschooling family.

Let's talk about history as our example for today. I know lots of homeschooling families that love to study history. On you can find short, simple history lessons, as well as in-depth, upper grade courses. There are more than 40 History, Geography, or Social Studies based Unit Studies available to choose from. What if you are not a Unit Study kind of family? No worries! There are more traditional, as well as Classically taught History courses as well. American History: From Columbus to 1914 is a 32 week American history course that is taught using Classical Principles, including Socratic Discussion, and is designed for middle or high school aged students.

But what if, you just want an educational video to watch, either because: someone is sick and is going to lay on the couch all day, or: you are all burnt out on winter already and want a change of pace? May I suggest the American History videos from Drive Thru History? There are 12 half-hour episodes, and has purchased the license to stream these for all Yearly membership members through late July. Dave Stotts of Drive Thru History is one of Arlene's favorite teachers. He makes learning history fun, and funny, through his engaging presentation style and personal humor. 

I could go on about history, but I won't today. Hop on over and check out the variety of courses, videos, and homeschool helps available on If you sign up during the Fresh Start sale, you can get the Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership for only $90 for the entire family. Not only is this half-off the regular price, but if you choose the auto-renew option (which you should, because you can always cancel it if you change your mind) then each year you continue as a member will renew at the lower $90 rate. This offer is good for new memberships purchased by 1/31/18. Use coupon code: NEWYEAR18 for the Annual Membership. Or, if You still aren't sure, you can use coupon code: MONTHNEWYEAR18 to get the discounted monthly rate of $9.95 which is also available with the auto-renew option.

We have been members of for about five years. It is a resource I always have available when we need it. When you purchase the Ultimate Annual Membership you have access to all the courses, for all ages, plus all the parent/ help tools, AND, anyone who purchases the Ultimate Annual Membership before the end of January will get a copy of the just-from-the-printers Winter 2017-2018 Print Edition of The Old Schoolhouse magazine! My copy arrived yesterday, and it is 168 pages of homeschool advice and encouragement! Arlene and I have already pegged the Guiding the Teen Writer to Publication article as our first must-read!

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Remember - do not delay! The Fresh Start Sale at ends on January 31st!

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  1. I hope your readers don't miss this wonderful resource. We use it so often! - Lori