Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thankful Thursdays - 1/23/14 - Flowers and Memories

Today I am thankful for flowers. 

While there aren't any blooming right now in my yard or at the park, I can look back through my photos from this past year and remember how much the flowers cheered me last summer and fall.

Sometimes, it's hard to think of what you are thankful for. 

Maybe you're in the midst of bad weather, or daily working with a disobedient child. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed by stress at work or financial struggles. Whatever you feel like you're facing, God is there. I know.

I often struggle with depression. It can feel like I'm drowning while standing still. It feels like an uphill walk just to do everyday things. Yet, in the midst of my battle, I know God is there. He is protecting me, guiding me, loving me ... even when I feel unloveable.

God uses flowers to remind me of his faithfulness, of His love.

He shows me the beauty He has instilled in each and every flower. It reminds me that He has placed beauty in my life, even when I don't recognize it. When I look at a picture of a flower, sometimes it reminds me of the day I took it, sometimes it reminds of a smell, sometimes I just see the beauty in God's Creation.

Flowers evoke memories, which remind me of the Maker of my life and the Giver of memories - God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

So while there are no flowers outside, and none inside either, the memories of flowers remind me of God's faithfulness, His provision, His Love.

I am reminded of the words of the second verse of the hymn 
"Great is Thy Faithfulness."

Today I am thankful for flowers, memories, and the God Who makes them both!

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