Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday - 1/9/14 - the trash man

Today I am thankful for the trash guys from BestWay. Usually they come on Monday, but this Monday we had 8" of new snow on top of 4" from last week... and we were under a 'no travel' emergency. Tuesday was much the same. 

So yesterday, I decided to check their website to see if there was an update. Yes, there were specific updates by town. For our town & pick-up day they said to leave the trash out if it was already out (we have one of those monster-sized rolling cans) because they were going to start Wednesday and try to get caught up.

About 11 a.m.the trash truck rolled down the street and stopped to get the neighbors' trash across the street. That side of the street usually gets picked up an hour or so before ours does (then they swing around and come back down our side of the street) ... BUT, today, they trudged through the drifts on our side that the city still hasn't plowed and drug our can around the truck to the 'lift-arm' then drug our can back through the drift to its spot.

How awesome is that!?!

I think a "Thank-You" letter to BestWay is in order. 

We're still waiting for mail delivery... and the UPS man stopped his truck, took one look at the drifts, scanned the package & put it back on his shelf and drove away (yes, I WAS watching out the window!)

Today, the trash man wins!

Thank you Best Way!

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