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2018 Yearly Membership and resources for parents

2017 update to

The website has grown SO MUCH over the almost two years since I first posted my review about it that I just knew I needed to give you an update. . .a BIG update! is a computer-based homeschool curriculum resource like no other! There is something for everyone in the family, even daily menu inspiration for Mom!

computer-based Homeschool (ST) has expanded with so many wonderful courses, divided by grade levels (PreK-K or Middle school/High School.) Don't be fooled into thinking these aren't real courses, these are as varied as your children are, and there are 28 offerings that contain at least a year's worth of material just for the Middle & High School ages. When you add in the 31 semester-long courses for older students, I think you'll understand that this could be a HUGE part of your High Schooler's four years! Spanish, French, ASL, Geology, Pre-Algebra, Economics? All included. Guitar, Home Ec, Keyboarding? They're all there too. 

Wait a minute. . . I could seriously use that keyboarding course myself...! 

Not to worry, because a membership at ST is for your whole family! Not only can you access all the current courses with your yearly membership, you can go to the Teacher Lesson Archives and get all the past lessons too. Does someone in your family love to draw? Then you'll definitely want to check out the almost two years' worth of weekly lessons on the Art Techniques page, taught by Brenda Ellis from Artistic Pursuits (one of our family favorites!)

Younger children? They're covered too. How about Bug Science, or Classical History? Maybe you'd like to download the monthly Lapbooking Units, or learn more about Asian countries and animals. A great section for parents to peruse is the Dailies tab. You'll find daily lessons on grammar, math, writing, as well as daily copywork lessons.

I think most parents will really appreciate the Spelling sections under the Dailies tab. They include five levels from Pre-K/K all the way up through High School. Another great thing? No boring lists for High Schoolers! The spelling lessons teach real words they will encounter both in Scripture and in Classic Literature. 

I think a certain daughter of mine is going to squeal in delight when she finds out there is a whole year's worth of lessons on Geology. She'll have to watch them with her sister, who is going to love the Geology field trip lessons covering rock formations at several National Parks. Great stuff! (If you're wondering why she hasn't seen them yet - three words - Algebra and Chemistry! You've got to get your basics finished before Mom lets you branch out to electives!)

computer-based homeschool

Starting in January, our girls are going to get back into the regular habit of studying ASL (American Sign Language.) I was happy to see there are 16 weeks' worth of ASL lessons now available. I especially want them to watch the lessons focusing on Deaf Culture, because when we started learning ASL so many years ago, that part went right over their heads. How long ago was that? A long time ago . . .I think 
Arlene was 5 or 6 and she used to fall asleep some evenings before class was over.

If you're wondering how you're going to keep track of all the great courses all your various progeny are taking - never fear, there are checklists for each age group, for each course. 
If you've got a High Schooler, there is also a LOT of help with making an Academic Transcript!

Feeling ready to check out ST for yourself? You could try it out (limited) for 30 days for free by signing up of rate Welcome Basket, but I think you're really going to want either the monthly membership of $12.95/month or the yearly membership of $139 because either of those options get you the Digital Schoolhouse Planners at no additional charge. (For monthly members, you get the planners as soon as you pay for your second month.)

Because ST knows you want options, you can pay with a credit card, or by PayPal. If you sign up of the annual membership, you'll get a free upgrade to the Gold Plan to help you with record keeping.

There is simply so much for me to write about today, but I think you'll want to go explore yourself, rather than read it all from me! does offer an affiliate program, so if you fall in love with it like we have, you can share it with your friends and earn a little cash to help offset your own membership.

****Disclaimer: I have an affiliate account at, if you decide to join, it'll go into my little account & I'll use it for something bloggy - maybe new pens to write out my ideas, or gas to take the girls on another field trip. You know us, we love to blog about field trips!

Crew Disclaimer

What can I say but -WOW !!!  I am totally enthralled by the new site. For only having been open for about 3 weeks, this site has A LOT of great resources. 

Although this site was originally a brainchild aimed to help home educators get great resources at a small price, it has become so much more. This would be an excellent resource for any parent, teacher, grandparent, or Sunday School director. Don't let the small price tag fool you: the Ultimate Membership
 comes with thousands of dollars of great educational ideas, resources, e-books, and links.

If this had been around when our children were Elementary age- I never would have had to buy any curriculum. (Those of you who know me well- don't laugh! The library would have loved me even more if I hadn't needed to Inter Library Loan ALL those books I didn't have money to buy!)

The monthly contributors to the lesson plans include some of our all-time favorites- like Diana Waring for History (need I say more?) or Andy Harris for technology (the first man ever to explain Google earth so I could understand it!) 

You'll recognize several other key figures in the Home educating field like Adam Andrews (Teaching the Classics) or Terri Johnson (Knowledge Quest.) I personally love the down-to-earth Home Ec style of Malia Russell of She tells it truthfully and full of grace!

Just in case you're wondering if a membership would be worth it for your family- yes, there are things on here for all ages- consider this: The free E-book for March is "Sensational Sunflowers." It's a whole unit study about sunflowers- what they are, how to grow them, lab sheets for recording their growth, copy work for both printing and cursive, and a word search to keep your children entertained during that last 5 minutes before supper is ready! If that isn't enough about sunflowers to whet your appetite, there is a half page of links to find out even more about sunflowers. My two favorite things about sunflowers? The heads follow the sun (like we should be following the Son,) and they're edible (seeds or flower petals.) 

So why not join, and find out your favorite things about sunflowers? 

If you're needing some encouragement, there are recorded sessions of the 'Expo-to-Go' that The Old Schoolhouse has done in the past to listen to whenever you can fit it in. Some of these sessions would be awesome resources for either private or public school teachers as well.

I am especially looking forward to each month's lessons from Diana Waring. We have always loved her curriculum. (She is one of a very few authors that this extremely frugal Mama will pay to have her own copy of the curriculum from.) She will feature a monthly "Life Lessons from Christian Luminaries." I love having our girls study something useful and inspiring!

So- are you ready to take the plunge? Get inspired? Be refreshed? Then head on over to and enjoy the most frugal way to home school I've seen outside of only using your Bible and the McGuffey Readers!

Carol : )

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