Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Indiana State Fair begins Friday!

In just two more days, Governor Eric Holcomb will kick off the 2019 Indiana State Fair. It will be 17 days of the best of the best of the state, with animals, plants, midway rides, fair food, tractor contests, bands, a daily parade and more adventures and exhibits than you can shake a stick at! LOL!

Once again I'll be spending extra time at the fair covering stories about local 4-H members and their families at the fair.  I've enjoyed going to the fair each and every year, but this chance to see the fair from a new perspective of two has given me a better appreciation for the vast diversity of adventures waiting to happen.

I'll be real honest here, you probably won't find much here on the blog during the next two or three weeks, but you can see some of the sights of The Great Indiana State Fair by following along on Instagram. Check out the state fair's webpage for details about discount days and the schedule of events. I hope to see many of you at the fair.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

On Nature - also known as: What I do in my free time

You know that sometimes awkward minute when someone new is introduced to you and they ask you what you do? How do you respond? Do you tell them about your job, or your hobbies? Do you keep it brief, or are you one of those people who kind of wander around until you get to the point?

For me, it has been a challenge sometimes to know how to answer.

I'm a writer.

But I'm also a mom, a wife, and I work at Conner Prairie.

So my answer often depends on who is introducing me to them. If we are in a casual group, I usually say that I work at Conner Prairie. Then, if they live in the state, they probably have a memory of the last time they visited, or they ask me more about it because they've been thinking about visiting.

When I'm introduced in a business setting, I often respond that I am a writer. If they ask what I write, which people frequently do, I tell them the I am a monthly columnist for our local newspaper. If I am out of state I usually respond that I am a travel writer. I tend to keep it short, and then inquire about what they enjoy doing.

Even if no one read it, I would keep on writing. It has become a core part of who I am, this process of putting words and thoughts down on paper. Even if you don't see much going on here on the blog, know that I am still writing something, somewhere, for someone to read.

Do I have free time? Yes, and no. There is rarely a time when I am not thinking about what I might or will write next. When I take a walk through nature, either in the forest or during my lunch break at Conner Prairie, I am often ruminating on ideas for new writing pieces.

I prefer pen and paper when I write, much prefer it to typing my first draft. It feeds the creative bent inside of me to see words flow across a clean piece of paper.

So in my free time, such as it is, I write. Today I typed my next newspaper column right after lunch and submitted it just before I began a phone interview for another article I am working on. A day off from my job at Conner Prairie is often spent working on my own writing. This time by myself fuels my passion for words.

I realized that many of you are not local and might never have read one of my newspaper columns, so I am including links below to the most recent two so you can see how I spend part of my writing time. 

Please leave a comment and tell me how you spend your free time. 

It's good to have hobbies, sometimes they become passions, and then you pick up a new drop spindling. :)

Sunday, July 7, 2019


We recently took a trip, my husband and I, to celebrate our anniversary. Besides being a great time to get away from the everyday pressures of life and spend time together, it was a sort of sabbatical for me. I've been writing for several years, and I've never really taken a long break of time to just stop, rest, and reflect on where to go next. My writing well had grown dangerously close to dry. It was so refreshing to step away and experience life without having to decide ahead of time what part of it to write about.

While we were away, my friend Kate, who runs the Five Minute Friday community released a writing prompt journal. To honor its release, I decided to start with prompt number one as my first writing after my vacation. You might get to read quite a few of these in coming weeks, as there are 52 writing prompts in The Five-Minute Writing Prompt Journal.

So today, if you too need a fresh start, why not take a few minutes and think about how to begin...

day one, starting over, sabbatical, fresh start

What could you accomplish if you just decided to begin? How often are we crippled by fear of failure? How often do we miss out on a blessing that God has in store for us because we are afraid? Don't let fear stop you - I'm talking to myself here too!

I want to begin, to take a chance on success, and to be content even if the results aren't as amazing as I had hoped. I want to have the faith that can move mountains, but first I must find faith the size of a mustard seed. As it grows and is strengthened, that faith will help me do amazing things, because it is faith in an amazing God!

So today, I begin. I walk by faith, knowing that God will protect me, and assured that He will direct my path, and my words.

I'm not looking to make one right choice, I'm looking forward to a lifetime of correct choices. Following Jesus, encouraging others, and sharing my gifts.

It's day one.