Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Back to School Time

cattle barn, Indiana State Fair, newspaper writing, summer fun

As the world around us settles in for Back-to-School time, Arlene and I are still squeezing in as many summers as possible. She starts college next week, so we've got a few days left and we are filling them all with fun, sunshine, and friends.

You might be thinking, where have they been?

I warned you it was going to be a crazy month. I hope you've been following along on Instagram.

We spent a lot of time at a the Indiana State Fair. We've also been working (at Conner Prairie.) Arlene bought a car to drive back and forth for her college classes. Last week we spent time at Lake Michigan, climbing the sand dunes, watching butterflies, and enjoying the beach.

In case you're wondering what I write when I'm not here...
I'll include links to some of my newspaper feature articles from the state fair below.

Soon, very soon I'll get back in the writing for the blog groove.

Until then, enjoy these last few precious days of summer!

Carol :)

Anderson native plays key role at state fair

Family theme resonates for local participants in state fair beef show

Smith Family Farms gets state fair recognition

Thursday, August 1, 2019 Back-to-homeschool sale

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