Monday, December 23, 2013

Possibly the Coolest Rest Stop EVER!

Earlier this year, as we were returning to Indiana from Oklahoma, we stopped at what is possibly the COOLEST REST STOP EVER! It is located on Interstate 44, at Mile Marker 110 Eastbound. (Disclaimer: We don't know if the Westbound rest stop is this cool, we didn't stop there on our way out.) If you want to know the exact location, here is the website info on the Conway Rest Area East.

This rest stop makes you wonder from the get-go, as the front yard sign screams "Route 66!" Once you go inside the building, the main foyer has a map of Route 66 in the floor. We were just going to stop for a quick restroom break and some water, the sun was almost setting and we had miles to go before we slept --- BUT, a gentleman that was inside mentioned to Kurt that we should take a peek out the back door. (We are really glad we did!)

That began what Em termed "The Amazing Race of picnic tables." Because, you see, this rest stop doesn't just have picnic tables, it has an aura of nostalgia. The shelters above and around the picnic areas look like buildings from Route 66! Such fun! 

Need a tune-up?

There are probably a dozen different 'buildings' in the picnic part. Kurt took Arlene and I took Em and we ran against time (remember the sun was setting) to try to get a picture of each girl in front of each building.

This "motel" has 2 picnic tables
Need a fill up? Eat your sandwiches here!

Seriously, how cool is this "garage?"

You'll need to bring your own meal to "Doug's,"
but it makes a great photo-op!

This is a really inventive idea for a rest area. I hope more states take up the concept of making their rest stops unique. These were still quite functional, and lots of fun. There is a small playground area at the side of the main building. Since there weren't any younger kids around, the girls wanted to take "just one quick slide" before we got back in the car!

The next time you're traversing Interstate 44 through Missouri, stop in, have a picnic, and enjoy the views! 

Know of any other really cool rest stops? We would love to put them on our "bucket list."

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