Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Unspoken Words

poetry, encouragement, words

I cannot un-say those words I just said

I cannot un-send that text
or delete the email I sent this morning

and sometimes
that makes me ponder...
should I speak at all?

Even if someone construes my words wrong
or misunderstands my thoughts
does that mean
they are not worth saying?

We may have a difference of opinion
you may want to go right and I want to go left
can we still get along?
Are we able to look beyond the words
and see the person inside?

Can we think before we speak
can we choose our words wisely?
There is value in relationships
worth and strength in being heard.

May I never leave these words unspoken:
you are important to me
You are loved

I value our talks
Jesus Loves you

Let's be friends

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