Saturday, July 7, 2018


This week's Five Minute Friday prompt is: vacation

spoonbill, five minute friday, family dynamics

A couple of years ago we went on a family vacation to Florida. It was the first time our girls had ever been to Florida and while we had a lot of fun, we also learned some important lessons about being a family while we were there.

An amazing thing happened on the first morning we were there: we saw a Roseate Spoonbill. These birds only live in Florida and places further south. When we first spotted it flying overhead we though from the color it might be a flamingo, but then realized it was a different bird and went about asking questions until we could identify it. I think that find, and seeing green parakeets later in the trip, really spurred on my husband's love for birdwatching.

The girls and I learned a lot about Floridian birds and other animals because of that trip. We also learned a lot about choosing to put others first. While it was a fun trip, we also realized that we as a family had been drifting apart before the trip. When we realized how that changed our dynamics, and how easily we got frustrated with each other, I determined to spend more one on one time with each girl, as well as planning things to do together. They were growing up, but I did not want us to grow apart. God has blessed that decision and now we are much closer than we were.

Wherever your vacation find you, or whatever you find on your vacation, may you keep the joyful memories, and allow God to fade the not-so-pleasant ones!


  1. This was a very good reminder for me to read today. Thank you!

  2. Nice post, good way to remember to connect with each other eh?