Friday, July 27, 2018


thirteen, five minute friday writing prompts, 4-H, childhood

Kate's word prompt for this week is thirteen, but that is one number shy of how long I have been a 4-H parent. So let's just think back 13 of those 14 years, after all, it's only five minutes!

Thirteen years ago our oldest daughter had just finished her first year of Mini 4-H. She had bitten by the 4-h bug and was ready to take on the world. Two years behind her, her little sister also joined Mini 4-H as Emily graduated to her regular 4-Her status. 

Every year since they were little, Kurt and I had made a point to take them to the Indiana State Fair. It is a truly awesome way to spend part of your summer, and while 4-H is a big part of it, it is by no means all of it.

We have random pictures like the one above of the girls at the State Fair from over the years. This one was probably taken around 2009 or 2010. 

Yesterday the girls left to spend the next month working at the State Fair. It is a privilege offered to older 4-Hers, and recently retired 4-Hers, to help with setting up, and overseeing the 4-H projects brought to the State Fair. They work hard, get a little pay, and make some really awesome friends!

This weekend I will go see them when I take Arlene's last 4-H projects to be entered in the State Fair. After 14 years of fun, our 4-H journey is almost over, but what a wealth of joy, challenge, and learning it has brought to our family! I'm so glad our own children had a chance to enjoy 4-H. It is different than when I was in 4-H all those years ago, but not as different as you might think.

If you're headed to the Indiana State Fair in August, check out the 4-H buildings, maybe you'll see the grown-up versions of these two fairgoers hard at work!

p.s. yes, I'm sure Arlene will give me grief about choosing this photo when she reads this tonight - but it's still one of my favorites, she has always loved her milkshakes :)


  1. I had to look up 4-H to find out what it is. (I'm in the UK) It was interesting to learn about it and it sounds like it's been a great thing for your family to be involved in!


  2. what precious memories! I so enjoyed the tour of your precious Mama encouragement. Great job! Your neighbor on FMF.

  3. What fun memories you have! The photo is cute - gotta love a girl with her milkshake!!:)