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GREEMU Plant-Based Beauty Oil ~ A Crew Review

Many people world wide use Emu oil for skin care and hair conditioning. The scientists at Devonian worked for almost two years to come up with a plant-based alternative to Emu oil and the fantastic result is GREEMU! Arlene and I have been using GREEMU for several weeks for this review, and we both like it much better than Emu oil. One of our favorite things about GREEMU is no funny smell!

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We have used Emu oil in the past for moisturizing our skin. Ok, I'll be honest, it was mostly me using it because Arlene strongly disliked the smell... and she has never liked Emus. When she was little, our zoo had Emus and they were loud and smelly...like emu oil ~ LOL! But I digress...I really liked the deep moisturizing ability of emu oil, but I was not a fan of the smell. I'm not opposed to using animal based products, but I know many people are, so GREEMU should be a well received newcomer to the beauty oil scene. Because of the smell of Emu oil, I had switched back to using other single ingredient plant based oils for moisturizing.

GREEMU is so unique because the lipid (fat) composition is the same as the lipid composition of Emu oil. It is the same consistency as Emu oil, it is even almost the same color. What is different is the smell, and the cost is lower than with Emu oil. GREEMU has very little smell, similar to a high quality unscented hand lotion. GREEMU is formed from five ingredients: Macadamia Seed Oil, Palm Oil (certified Organic,)  Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Rice Bran Oil. Because of the high quality ingredients, a little goes a very long way!

Arlene is blessed to have skin that naturally moisturizes itself, however, she was working outside for three windy days in a row and ended up with chapped cheeks and forehead. Just a couple of drops of GREEMU on her face after the bath each morning and in less than a week the skin had healed. She did find out that you need to use just a tiny bit. I had been putting it on for her the first couple of days. Then she decided to apply it herself one day...she said she used too much and at bedtime it felt like it still hadn't all soaked in. It actually had, but let's just say she was super-moisturized!

I have been using the GREEMU on my neck and legs. After a month of really windy days, my legs were dry. It takes only a few drops to deep moisturize my legs. I like the fluidity of GREEMU and how well it spreads. After just a few days I only needed to use the GREEMU on my legs every other day.

Now, about using GREEMU on my neck. Did you know that most make-up artists can tell you how old a woman is by the number of neck wrinkles she has? I learned this from my friends in the beauty industry (thanks ladies- you know who you are!) How does this apply to me? In February I had a head-shot picture taken to use for my monthly column in our local newspaper. My friend Eliot did a wonderful job on the photo...but I noticed I had those dreaded neck wrinkles! Aack! Call me vain if you want to, but I really don't want people telling my age by my wrinkles. GREEMU to the rescue! I have been using GREEMU on my neck daily and have noticed a visible reduction in the depth of those neck wrinkles. They haven't disappeared completely, but they are much less noticeable. I call that success!

For those who have avoided using Emu oil because of objections to its origin (yes, it comes from the fat of Emus,) GREEMU is a vegan, plant-based alternative. If you're looking for a thick, milky, fluid beauty oil, then try GREEMU. So far I have only been using it straight from the 4 oz. bottle, but I have plans to try mixing GREEMU with a few essential oils in the future. To read our review on Emu oil, click here.

One more great use for GREEMU is as a hair deep-conditioner. Arlene has really thick wavy hair, which during the Spring and Summer around here means frizzy hair. She has used GREEMU to smooth the frizz away, and it has lasted until the next time she washed her hair. Once again, remember to just use a little bit. I tried using GREEMU as a deep conditioner and found something unusual. It made my gray hair less noticeable. I'm not sure how it changed the light reflection, but it definitely made my hair look more brown and less gray. I'm good with that!

GREEMU is distributed by our friends at Koru Naturals, which is awesome! Koru Naturals has always had such great customer service, and packs their products securely! We have ordered from Koru several times, and are happy that we can add GREEMU to our lists of Koru favorites!

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  1. Now I have to go put some on my neck! I was very happy that this product had no smell at all.