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As our children turn into young adults, homeschool parents think about High School, as they start their Senior Year, we sometimes get a little nervous. "What about graduation, what about transcripts, what about a diploma?!" Fear not, we have been blessed to review the Exclusive High School Diploma from and we are here to tell you the quality of the diploma and the customer service are both excellent! offers diplomas, graduation announcements, caps and gowns, tassels, class rings, and gifts for graduates. Since Emily will be graduating later this year, we knew it was time to take a look at what is available for diplomas and graduation announcements. Several of our friends have used for graduation announcement in the past few years, so the sample they included with our diploma order looked quite familiar. offers several options for diplomas, the standard 6" x 8" size that was popular back when Kurt and I graduated, and the 8.5" x 11" size that is more popular today. All of their diplomas come with a sturdy cover, which can also be personalized, as well as the option to purchase a laminated wallet diploma to go along with any of their various diploma options. 

The Exclusive High School Diploma was our choice because of all the customization options available. The turnaround time was amazing. The standard ordering has your diploma shipping out the third business day after you place and pay for your order. If you're pressed for time, they offer a RUSH offer where they start on your diploma that same day. Even without RUSH ordering, we received Emily's diploma via Priority mail in only 6 days (including that we placed the order on the weekend!) That is quality customer service! There are various shipping options 
available. offers printing and graphic arts services to school administrators, and parents who home educate who are in compliance with state statutes. What does this mean to you? You can use their services to order your students' diplomas for private schools or homeschool. If you are ordering for multiple graduates, they have options for that too!

Each diploma offered walks you through the available customization steps one by one. Since we selected the Exclusive High School Diploma, I'll walk you through how that works. The first step is to choose the center seal. Because we had options, Emily sat down with Kurt and I and we walked through these choices together. We gave her opinions weight, but we also knew it needed to be a diploma we would want to present. As we discussed the various options we found ones that satisfied all three of us. Next up was entering the student's name as we wanted it to appear, and the school information. There is an option to add the city and state for our homeschool, and we decided to include that as well. This is also where checks to make sure you're the administrator with authority to present the diploma to the graduate. We were looking for a diploma that showed our daughter's Christian education, while still resembling a standard diploma one of the local school students might be receiving.

The next section of personalization is the diploma wording. There are four basic choices, with options available on each one. This area took us a while. There is the standard option, with your state listed, as well as Honors or College Prep options. Among the choices here you can also find wording that includes "Thanks to God" or "Godly Wisdom." I really think this is the section that makes this diploma so unique for your graduate. What was their focus in High School? Let it shine through here in the diploma's wording.

Under the diploma wording, the Exclusive High School Diploma offers a choice of three Scripture verses to choose from, or the ability to include your school's motto for an additional $3.99. Please understand that you can also choose no verse or motto. Customization is key at! 

Do you know the exact date of your graduate's ceremony? Great! If not, that's ok too, because the Date & Signatures section allows you to choose a specific date, or a month and year option. For the signatures section, they are asking you what you wish printed under the signature line(s).  Administrator, instructor, parent? There are several options to choose from. You can also choose to leave this section blank and the diploma will be printed with signature lines, but no words underneath.

Are you worn out just thinking about all the choices? I was a little overwhelmed at first, but by following the steps, we only had to agree on one thing at a time. Since the diploma will be with Emily forever after graduation, we let her choose the Diploma paper and lettering for the graduate's names options herself. After that was the section that allows the administrator to add an honors seal if earned for an additional $2.95.  Then there was just one more section of thinking about the diploma before the review of the order...the diploma cover. How long should a diploma cover last? Forever, or close to it! The simple Diploma of Graduation cover we selected (without a seal or student or school name) comes in eight different color options. After a lot of thought, Emily chose black. If you're wanting a seal on the cover to match the one you chose for the diploma, those are also available, for an additional fee. 

You're almost done with the ordering, just a few more thoughts before you place your order. Do you want an archive copy (is your child going overseas, and you want to keep a second copy in case it gets lost?) or would you like to add-on that wallet sized diploma? Would you like 23K gold illumination the school name, or a diploma tassel? If yes, choose these before you click "Finish." offers several companion products, and if you're interested, take your time browsing all the options. Personalized note cards, graduation announcements, thank you cards, graduation bling? If you can think of it for graduation, they probably already have! As I mentioned before, several of our friends have used the graduation announcements from If you get overwhelmed by the ten different designs with multiple options to choose from, you can have a sample of any of them mailed to your home, with corresponding envelopes, for only $1.50.

More than 40 families from the Schoolhouse Review Crew joined in on this adventure at Click the banner below to view the variety of personalization options available, as well as read their thoughts on the process. We thought the adventure was amazing and highly recommend !

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Exclusive High School Diploma Review

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  1. Will you still be able to get college funding with this diploma

    1. Caleigh,
      College funding is dependent upon the student's transcripts and FAFSA application. Some universities also award financial aid based upon standardized test scores, such as the SAT or ACT. can provide the certificate, but it is up to the Private School, Homeschool Parents, or Umbrella School to provide the transcript showing the courses completed.