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Tips for Homeschooling Parents ~ High School

Here we are on the final day of our Tips for Homeschooling Parents Blog Hop. I hope you've found lots of encouragement and help this week. I saved High School for last. Many parents feel they are ill-equipped to teach High School and consider sending their children to Public School. Let me encourage you that you CAN teach your High School aged students at home, and they can succeed, while you have the blessing of watching them grow into young adults.

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I just have five points I want you to think about, and then I'm going to link some of our recent posts about High School to give you more of an idea about what the day to day life of High School is like around here.

Keep The Vision

You started this journey with a vision, as you draw near to that goal, do not waver. It is ok to change up your curriculum choices, or even your teaching style, but remember WHY you started home educating in the first place and keep that forefront in your heart and mind. There are a lot of options for High School, textbook, living books, online, dual enrollment, private tutors. You can continue on through graduation with some planning and effort.

Make a Master Plan for Each Child

At no time since you taught them to read will you notice the differences in each child as much as when you sit down to plan out their 4 or 5 years of High School. Yes, you read that right, some students should be taking five years. One of ours is taking 4.5 years, the other one? We'll wait and see. Sit down as parents with your child and a copy of your state's requirements. Pencil in the basics, then talk honestly about which electives your student wants to consider. You don't need all the electives chosen before you begin, but you should have the state requirements for Math, Science, History, and Language Arts filled out early so you don't overlook a course they'll need to graduate!

Write it all Down ~ On Paper!

There are a wealth of online planners and record keepers out there. However, you're going to need to keep a basic tally of courses completed on paper. Computers crash, companies change software, with at least a general outline on paper, you can always re-create any transcript information that might have been lost.

Transcript choices

You don't have to decide NOW which way to write out the transcript, but you should be thinking about it. When in doubt, write it down in a notebook or planner you save JUST for High School records. See the link below to our post about transcripts and graduation for more ideas!

Remember the Field Trips

We are HUGE proponents of experiential learning. Plan at least one field trip each month in High School. Sometimes you won't get them all in, but try. Older students love the break from book work, and are often able to formulate deeper questions to ask about the event or location than they could at younger ages. You'll love seeing things through new eyes as well.

Enjoy the Ride!

The High School years can be a wonderful, crazy, exhausting ride. It is so worth your time and effort to spend these last few years with your children as they mature into adults. Continue to tie heart strings. Remember that you were once a teenager. Be the parent, but also be their friend. Show them through your actions that they are valued, and that you are truly blessed to be able to spend this time together!

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  1. Yes, I am in the high school trenches and finding it hard to keep up. I hadn't thought of spreading it out to an extra half a year. I think I'm going to be looking at that. Or else son will be finishing Algebra 2 and taking Geometry at the same time.

  2. I wrote about the exact same thing today!! My son graduates next month and high school has been a fun, but wild, ride. Fortunately, now that I've learned, things will be easier with his brother! Great tips, thanks for sharing!

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