Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring has arrived!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, we are happy to announce: Spring has arrived at last!

Hebrews 11:1, waiting upon God

After waiting what seems like more than a season, we are so happy to see sunshine, have blue skies, and temperatures that are consistently ABOVE freezing. Spring is often fickle around here, it comes, it goes, it shows up again a couple weeks later. This year, instead of waiting six more weeks after Groundhog's day, it appears we needed to wait ten weeks.

What does a late Spring mean? Perhaps our vegetables will be a little later getting started, maybe the Spring allergy season will be a more intense, or maybe, . . . it will be life as usual. More than looking at the outward events that herald Spring's arrival, perhaps we should look at what we can learn from waiting.

Hebrews 11:1 states: Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

When God calls us to wait, whether it is for a new season, for a new job, or for provision, how do we respond? When we place our faith in things, we are often disappointed. Rightly so. Things are just material, they do not last past this life. When we place our faith in Christ, we will not be disappointed, we will be blessed and given peace. Faith in Christ is not a panacea that takes away our troubles, rather, faith in Christ puts our troubles in perspective. Faith in Christ puts our eyes back on God's power and provision, it takes our light and momentary troubles and draws them back down to size. Christ does not give peace like the world promises peace. The peace that Christ gives is beyond worldly understanding. It girds us up when we are lagging, and it gives us joy in the midst of whatever comes our way.

Be convicted of the greatness of God, be assured of His love for you. Be at peace in Christ, knowing that God is watching over you and directing your life for His glory.

Trust Him.

Whether you're waiting for Spring to arrive, or you're already outside planting flowers and vegetables, take time to wait upon God for His answers, His timing, and His provision. 

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