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Koru Naturals - A Happy Crew Review

We have been blessed many times over the years to review products with The Schoolhouse Review Crew. Most of them are educational, either curriculum, games, or supplementary programs. Every once in a while we get one that is NOT for the girls to review, its just for me, the Mama. I call those happy reviews, ones I can keep for myself, or share if I think they would be good for everyone. Our recent shipment from Koru Naturals was one of those happy reviews. We have spent the past ten years or so trying to convert as many personal care products as possible in our house over to all-natural ones, so we are always on the lookout for new ones to try. We received two outstanding products from Koru Naturals, their Emu Oil, and a four-pack of tubes of their Pure Lanolin Lip Balm. I was really nice and shared. :) Kurt, Emily, and I all tried one of the lip balm tubes, and the girls and I shared the Emu Oil. Yes, that does leave one more lip balm... that one I'm not sharing.

emu oil, lanolin lip balm

The first thing we noticed about the lip balm (retail price $9.80 for a 4 pack) was how thick it is. I know, that shouldn't have surprised us, as we've used lanolin before. I guess we just didn't think about how it would be to put it on your lips as opposed to on your hand or arm. My recommendation is to use this as a dab it on lip product, instead of a swipe it on balm. If you swipe it, you could end up with a lot more than you need, and might be like the first time Kurt tried it... "mmm, I think my lips are stuck together"-LOL! These tubes (also available in pots if that's your preference,) are simply 100% pure anhydrous lanolin. That means no water, no perfume, no weird flavors. 

This is just the kind of lip balm we needed this winter. It has been particularly cold and dry the past two months, and these worked really well. Because the lip balm is just lanolin, it keeps the moisture you have inside your lips, and protects them from the wind. Kurt liked these because the lanolin stays on. You're not always reapplying like with other natural lip products. We received the box just over a month ago, and even after using this lip balm at least once a day, it seems like I've hardly used any at all. Emily wants to remind you that you could put it in your pocket to soften it up, but don't leave it there too long or it will get really soft and you'll end up applying too much. I was a little concerned that if I left it in my pocket, I might forget it. I don't think lanolin and laundry would mix well. Emily sometimes likes to use natural tinted lip balms, but they often dry out quickly, so she used this lanolin lip balm from Koru Naturals over the top of her tinted balm to seal in her lip's moisture. 

I also want to mention that this is the most portable form of lanolin I've come across. That is great news for people who might have fingertips or knuckles that tend to crack in the winter. Just toss it in your bag and take it along. Choosing the Pure Lanolin Lip Balm in pots would be a great gift idea, especially for new Moms, gardeners, or outdoorsmen.  Also, since they come in a four pack, you can share with your family without sacrificing your own tube. I am a fan of lanolin. In the summer when the girls are volunteering at the local living history park, I often go see the lambs in the barn. I love running my hands over their fleece and feeling how soft the lanolin makes them. If you've been around sheep, imagine this lip balm as the clean version of kissing a lamb on the head.

The second treasure in our box from Koru Naturals was a 2oz bottle of fully refined natural Emu Oil. Where has this been all my life?! I'm a huge user of natural oils for skincare. Usually I spend each winter slathering my dry face with coconut oil. Coconut oil works great as a moisturizer, but it leaves you feeling a bit greasy. Emu oil does an even better job of moisturizing my skin, without the greasy feeling. This Emu Oil (retail price $9.85 for 2 oz) looks milky white, has a very mild, almost unnoticeable, smell, and works tremendously! A little bit goes a long way... a really long way. Emily and I have used this every single day for the past month, and we've maybe used half an ounce. I've been using it once or twice a day on my face, and several times a day on the ends of my fingertips and around my cuticles. Usually in the winter I have to break out the lanolin and wear cotton gloves to bed every single night to keep my fingertips from splitting. This month I've been using the Emu oil about four times a day, skipping the lanolin, which, by the way, you should not use on your hands when you're using electronic devices like your phone or laptop, and have hardly ever needed to wear gloves to bed.

Arlene says the Emu Oil is magic. She had a couple spots on her scalp with some dandruff that wasn't going away even when using dandruff shampoo. I used just a few drops of the Emu Oil on those spots and by the next morning they were 80% gone. I like how well moisturized the Emu Oil makes my face feel. It only takes a few drops for my whole face. Since the weather has been super cold and dry, or cold and snowy all month, this came at a great time.

Emily has been using the Emu Oil on her psoriasis. She frequently gets small outbreaks on her arms, either near her elbow, or near the wrist. Using the emu oil twice a day has made as significant improvement in her skin. This refined Emu Oil retains the Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. I think if you struggle with any type of dry skin you should give this a try. If you decide you want to use it as an all-over body moisturizer, you'll be glad to know it comes in various sizes, 2, 4, or 8 ounces.

Overall, we were quite impressed with the quality of both of the products we received. Koru Naturals has many more products, some of which were reviewed by other members of the Crew. Click on the banner below and join me in reading about Koolpurrie Restoring Balm, New Zealand Pure and Simple Lanolin Cream, and Manuka Oil and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner.

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Koru Naturals Review

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