Saturday, January 10, 2015

This thing called blogging . . .

What is this thing called blogging anyway? That was my thought several years ago when people started mentioning that they read a blog. Nowadays there are so many blogs, and YouTube channels, social media platforms and other ways to spend your time it makes my head spin. 

technology limits

Are we using all of this technology wisely, or is it using us? Does your smart phone help you work smarter or is it a temptation to check out of reality and play another online game? These are real questions we need to ask ourselves often. None of us wants to end up with a technology addiction, yet very few people actually want to live off the grid. Finding a balance is crucial. 

Like all areas of our lives, we need to look to God for guidance when using technology. Right now it is the depth of winter here. For the past week it has been below zero degrees Fahrenheit for a part of almost every day. That's not the type of weather to lure me outside to hike or garden. So I needed to make an extra effort to not let technology take over. I've made a conscious effort to limit my time online. Setting a timer is good for me. It reminds me there are other things to go do. . . like love on my kids or talk to my husband!

Right about now I need to finish up my musings and go sort some paperwork. I can sort receipts and think about ideas for the blog for next week. In the meantime, know that I enjoy having you stop by and read this blog, and I hope you receive some encouragement from something we post!

Whatever the weather is like where you are, and whatever your circumstances, know that God is there with you. Spend some time this week away from the technology and with God.

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