Saturday, January 3, 2015

Need Some Cleaning Encouragement?

Now that the New Year is here, do you find yourself staring at your house and wondering "Just what happened to make this mess?" If you're wanting to get a handle on your house, and clean it up to make a home, it always helps to get a plan and follow it.

My friends Michele and Kemi have teamed up to help us all keep on track to getting a cleaner, more organized home in 2015. Michele is hosting 34 Weeks of Clean over on her blog, and Kemi (a true queen of organization and printables) is making sure we all have the tools/ checklists we need to figure out what we have once it is put away.

I'll be following along with Michele's weekly tasks, and invite you to join us. I love the idea of one task a week. That means if you've already done the task, you're done with heavy cleaning for the week and just need to maintain your home. This week's task is to put away your holiday decorations. I invite you to pop on over to Michele's blog and read about this week's task and her great suggestions for decoration storage.

34 Weeks of Clean Linkup

Our family only put out a few decorations this year, so it should not take us long to get this week's task completed. I hope to see you on Friday, when I'll post up a photo of our completed task, plus perhaps a couple tips of my own.

We've spent the past three weeks de-cluttering our house, but there is still a lot left to do. I look forward to joining with my friends and getting our house better organized. Who's going to join us?

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