Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - 1/29/15 - Photographs

Photographs can transport you back in time, they can remind you of a person, an event, or even just the weather. Photos give us a glimpse into the past, and tie us to the present. A simple photograph can have the power to remind you of an emotion or even a smell. I love to take pictures because I love to look at photographs and be reminded of all the many ways God has blessed my life.

I am thankful for photos. In the midst of winter, I can pull out my photos and remember the warmth of the sun on my face, or the way a particular flower looked on a sunny day. I can look at a photo of one of my friends and be reminded about how much I love their testimony. That same picture that reminds me of a day or a smell can also remind me of the people I shared it with.

Some days I just want to run around and hug all my friends because I am overwhelmed with how good they are to me. I am overwhelmed by their love and compassion. I am thankful for the words of truth they speak into my life. I am thankful for their smiles. I am truly blessed!

thankfulness, photographs

If its been a while since you last slowed down enough to look at your photos, why not make time to do it now?! Be reminded of a momentous day in your history, perhaps your wedding, or the birth of a child. Be reminded of a family vacation to a big city, or a quiet place of solitude. Be reminded that God has given you a long life, and a full life. Be intentional about taking a few photos of your family and friends, then allow God to use those photos to remind you of how greatly you've been blessed!

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