Saturday, July 5, 2014

Zucchini - take 2

Last year I tried unsuccessfully to grow zucchini. A couple years before I grew a couple small zucchini, but the critters in the yard got to them before I could make zucchini bread. So last year I made a new bed & tried to grow two different kinds of zucchini. Nothing. Most of the seeds didn't even germinate. I was disappointed.

We opted for the next best thing. The Farmer's Market. The local Farmer's Market usually has a plethora of zucchini growers, so prices stay quite competitive. I mean LOOK at these beauties we bought this morning for only $0.50 each!

After we got home, and stowed all our produce, I went out to water the gardens. 

In case you're wondering, we planted Canna bulbs from our neighbor in the small bed that was supposed to have zucchini last year. They're almost to the height where they'll start flowering.

I decided since the weather was still beautiful, and the garden was watered . . . and the girls were inside cleaning the bathrooms, I would go ahead and weed the bed around the Cannas so it would look nicer when they bloom.

Imagine my surprise to find THREE zucchini plants growing happily amongst the Cannas. It looks like two of one variety and one of the other. How did these three seeds manage to go all year and NOT germinate, just to start growing AFTER the Cannas came up? I guess God has a funny sense of humor when it comes to my gardening!

After cleaning out the Creeping Charlie and dandelions from around the Cannas and zucchini, I decided to sit on the porch and enjoy the peace and quiet . . . and a grape tomato that just happened to be ripe. :)

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