Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thankful Thursdays - 7/24/2014 - Symphony on the Prairie

As a volunteer at Conner Prairie, I am thankful for the opportunity to work during the ISO's (Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra) Symphony on the Prairie series each summer. While the musical genre and the weather change each weekend, the joy of an outdoor concert does not diminish (except for the occasional cancellation due to a thunderstorm!)

There are several things I'm thankful for about the Symphony on the Prairie (SOP.) First- it's outdoors, in a lovely setting. The Symphony platform is near the base of a natural amphitheater on Conner Prairie's grounds. Next, SOP is a come as you are event, no dressing up or over-priced garage parking required. You can dress up if you want to, but most people come in their everyday attire and bring a picnic dinner to enjoy before or during the Symphony.

Third reason I'm thankful? While the ISO performs during the first half of the series each Summer, they contract outside bands and groups to perform several weekends each season. That gives us a variety of entertainment. When Kurt or I volunteer, we earn free tickets for another SOP concert, so we can enjoy a concert with our girls or friends. We have heard several great groups in the past couple years. We have heard the ISO perform Rachmaninoff, Vivaldi, Gershwin, and Tchaikovsky as well as more modern tunes like John Williams' movie music, and the music of Queen. Other great performances we have seen at SOP include Classical Mystery Tour (Beatles tribute,) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and the River City Brass Band. Later this Summer we are all looking forward to hearing the Glenn Miller Orchestra and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

While this may already seem enough reasons to be thankful, here's one more. The view behind the Symphony bandstand at sunset.

Symphony on the Prairie

Because this is an outdoor venue, there is no need to stay in your seat. You can feel free to leave your lawn chair for a while and go enjoy the sunset, or even venture down in front of the Symphony bandshell, where you will often find the dance floor set up for Jazz group performances. The girls know several people who like to Swing dance during the concerts. 

Whether I'm working, or just attending as a patron, Symphony on the Prairie gives me many reasons to be thankful! It also gives me hours of time to simply relax and enjoy the music! 

Why not join us and enjoy the music? You can click here to see the rest of this season's concerts.

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