Friday, July 11, 2014

Randomness...and some bloggy friends!

Today is Friday. I know, you're shocked right?! LOL! I have a lot of ideas running through my head, but since I'm not ready to let them all develop right now, I thought I'd share some random ones that are zipping by. Then I'd love to introduce you to a few of my 'Bloggy' friends that I think you might enjoy reading (for various reasons.)

First, the randomness...

I think sometimes Moms are afraid to relax. We can get this mistaken idea that if we let our guard down and relax the whole world will come crumbling down. Have we forgotten that it is GOD who holds the universe together?

My favorite edible flowers are Nasturtiums. You can eat the leaves or the flowers, but I prefer the flowers. My second favorite are probably Violas (usually called Johnny-Jump-Ups.) Nasturtiums are a little bit peppery flavored- but not black pepper or bell pepper. . . something in the middle - you should just try them yourselves, they're super easy to grow! 

edible flowersViolas don't have a strong taste,but they look SO pretty on top of a salad. If you're wondering, yes, Violas are related to violets, and pansies, both also edible. You could click here to learn a smudge more about edible flowers. You could also read our review of a helpful book here.

I love sunshine, blue skies and colorful flowers, but when I'm feeling overwhelmed I like to take a quiet walk in the forest.

4-H teaches kids deadlines, and learning to accept the opinions of others with grace. These are both things I think we can ALL work to improve upon.

My husband Kurt is a pretty cool guy. . . he puts up with me, even when I'm a little crazier than usual. That's something to be thankful for! 20 years and counting!

Our yard should probably get mowed tomorrow, but I'm more likely to go to the Farmer's Market instead. Maybe it will stay cool long enough to do both, if not, sorry. . . you can look for the bunny eating in the front yard when you drive past this weekend!

We are doing a few really awesome reviews right now. I really think you'll enjoy reading about them later this month. I am especially impressed with the lessons from Home School Piano. If you're antsy waiting for the review, you can click over now & watch the sample lesson.

I think I should have gotten Arlene another pair of shorts for this summer, but, since she's done such a great job sewing her 4-H outfit, maybe she can just make some herself. Hmm. . . 

We do not live in a perfect world, and I do not live in a perfect house, yet I'm thankful the 4-H projects are done & we can see some of our floor again! I'll post some pictures later this month.

Life is short, love your spouse, hug your kids, and clean the sink once in a while ok?!

Now, just in case you haven't found anything else to read recently, I'd love to introduce you to some of my Bloggy friends (a.k.a. friends who blog.)

First up, Lisa from Farm Fresh Adventures. I've only known Lisa for about 7 months, but it seems a lot longer. We had the pleasure of meeting up at the Cincinnati GHC convention in April, and found out that Lisa grew up with my cousin's wife, Katherine. I think that, and the fact that she's a farm girl, likes the outdoors, and good food, put us in a lot of the same thought circles. Lisa has a couple cute little boys, so she's often reviewing curriculum that we don't since our girls are on the older end of the spectrum. If Lisa lived closer, I'd probably pack us all in the car and head over for an afternoon on the farm.

Next up is Dawn from Guiding Light Homeschool. Dawn makes me laugh as she shares from her heart about what works, and what doesn't, with their two boys (one High School, and one early elementary.)  Dawn tends to get straight to the point in her writing (unlike myself,) and she isn't afraid to try something new. Dawn also does a lot of link-ups where a lot of bloggers all write on the same theme for the day. That gives me all kinds of random fun things to read.

Last for today is Laura at Day By Day in Our World. I've never actually met Laura in real life, just online . . .  because she lives in ALASKA! How cool is that? Laura blogs about all sorts of things that  she is doing with their 4 boys, AND she loves to share recipes! Laura reviews a lot of things besides just curriculum, and often has great suggestions for your home or kitchen. Laura is one of the bigger bloggers that I read, because she is still very real and personal in her writing.

Come back next week, maybe you'll meet some more of my Bloggy friends, or I'll have more coherent thought to share. Until then, remember you can sign up to follow us by email on the top right side of the page, or visit us on Facebook.

Now, what should I put on my list for the Farmer's Market . . . ?

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