Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thankful Thursdays - 7/17/2014 - Creative Teens!

Maybe you saw my Facebook post earlier this week . . . about how I was greeted with "Mom, Bean and I did something blog-worthy today, so we took pictures for you." For those of you who don't already know, 'Bean' is Arlene's nickname. It used to be 'Arlene JellyBean,' but over the years it's gotten shortened to just 'Bean.'

So what did the girls do that they wanted pictures of? They played chess . . . I know, that's a little unusual for girls these days anyway, but HOW they played chess was the blog-photo-worthy part! Emily collects superhero Lego, Arlene collects Lord of the Rings Lego. You guessed it, it was a battle of EPIC proportions! Take a look. . . 

In case you're wondering. . . yes, they DID make a cheat sheet to help them member who represents which chess piece. Here's the Bird's-eye view.

The Superheros and Villains

Lord of the Rings figures

The battle begins

Notice the fallen men . . . they don't get to watch, I guess that's the punishment for getting captured!

If you take a good look now, I'm certain you can figure out who won. More important than that though is this - the girls have played chess this way more than once this week. I think it's their new favorite way . . . since I saw them playing it this morning while waiting their turns at 4-H judging!

So what am I thankful for? Daughters who still have (& use) their creativity! I am thankful for girls who aren't afraid to be different from the crowd, yet who don't disparage others for being a little more conventional. I'm thankful our girls taught themselves chess, and that they still enjoy spending time together! 

Hope you're thankful for your children too!

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