Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Anonymous

No one cares about the anonymous. I mean, why should they. We only show up rarely, when we make a statement that deserves our anonymity, then we disappear. Hiding in plane sight, disguised as stay-at-home moms, 9-5 dads, and full time students. Blending in by shopping for groceries, driving kids to sports, recitals, and dance, having barbecues  and pool parties, and drinking $7 lattes. 
We show up all through out history, disguised as different people. Dukes, military leaders, monks, poets, singers, inventors, writers, scientist, teachers, the list goes on and on, yet you never notice us. Sure you register that we existed, and you admit that we did something important, and you put us in your textbooks in the tiny footnotes. But then you store us in the back of your mind until you need us to prove a point for you, or give you some profound quote for your thesis. Once in a while though, one of us will scream loud enough to  escape the jaws of time, and you will give us as much respect as to put us in your timelines or to be mentioned in a discussion. 
But we are out there, then and today and forever after, so go look for us. Open up a book and find our names, read a poem, or listen to a song. Go find us at your work, your schools, your communities. Make sure we are still there for the future, and then take a look at yourself to see if you are one of us. The history changers, the earth shakers, the life savers, the Anonymous.

The Anonymous
By E.L. Emmert, 12-2-13
We are there
All around you
Hiding in plain sight

We are behind your 
 and your

We are between the lines
Caught in your photographs
Heard in your music
Presented in your classrooms

We are there 

to hold up your world

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