Friday, December 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday -12/12/13 - Gingerbread

Today we were thankful for gingerbread. You know, the kind *some* people spend lots of time baking and decorating?! We have done this in the past, but today we went and viewed the Gingerbread village at Conner Prairie. Each year they have a competition (with several different categories) of gingerbread creations. 

The only problem with seeing the gingerbread creations? They make me hungry! 

This year there were some really cool designs. One of our favorite was Doctor Who's Tardis! (Complete with a Dalek, weeping angel, and the Doctor's fez!)

There was also a beautifully done carousel

And a majestic house. I really like the use of sliced almonds as shingles!

One of the simplest designs, and also one of the most easily recognizable ones, the "Operation Game" gingerbread man!

I think it's time to add some gingerbread making to our weekend plans! In the interest of being thankful for EATING the gingerbread, I think we'll just cut out people shapes and eat them. Maybe next year we'll make another gingerbread house!

If you are wanting to see all the unique design at this year's Gingerbread Village at Conner Prairie, you can visit Thursday- Sunday through January 5th. See the details here.

Our favorite gingerbread people/ cookie recipe is from Betty Crocker. You can find it on their website here. They also have other variations on the recipe available. 

Are you going to be thankful for gingerbread this week?

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  1. And another cute component of the Tardis gingerbread house....isn't that a little Adipose on the top of the Tardis?

    :)Melanie (Wren)